E3 2015: EA Sports To Improve Defender's Efficiency In FIFA 16

By Mike Sousa on June 15, 2015, 7:44PM EST

EA Sports seems to be pulling all the stops on bringing big changes to the FIFA franchise. After announcing that this year's game would feature female players, EA confirmed during the press conference the game will also see many significant design tweaks and improvements.

One the major upgrades for FIFA 16 is the defenders, which have a significant AI upgrade. In addition to an upgraded AI which helps not only on intercepting passes but also better positioning when defending a certain area or opposition, defenders will also do a better job of tracking fast-paced players. Defenders have also been given a boost with the sliding tackle, which will help players tackle the opponents better.

Passes have been enchanced, with players having more control over the pace of the pass. There were times that we wished that a precision pass was made a lot faster, and in FIFA 16 we get that just that. However, there's a catch, as there's a chance the player fails to control the ball.

For those that like dribbling, a "no touch dribbling" has been introduced, allowing players to do dribblings similar Messi's style.

Finally, FIFA Trainer is also being introduced. This feature prompts on top of the controlled players and offers sugestions on what actions to take. This might feel a bit useless for veteran players, but it's certainly a welcomed addition to casual players.

FIFA 16 will release on the 22nd of September in North America and on the 24th of September in Europe. The game will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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