E3 2015: Fallout 4 Releasing This November, New Details And Gameplay Revealed

By Mike Sousa on June 15, 2015, 8:34AM EST

Fallout 4 will release worldwide on the 10th of November on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Bethesda announced during its press conference. Along with the release date announcement, the publisher revealed a gameplay demo, many new details and screenshots.

According to Todd Howard, Fallout 4's creative director, the game has been in development since 2009. Howard stated that Fallout 4 and its world is one of the studio's "most ambitious" projects yet.

Although Bethesda didn't reveal much about the story, we do know that Fallout 4 will start before a nuclear war, with the player emerging 200 years after the war's end as the sole survivor of Vault 111. It's up to the player to rebuild this near dead world and determine the fate of the Wasteland.

Using the character creation feature, the player will be able to choose between a man or a woman and sculpt his/her face the way the players wants. Your character will be voiced and players have the option to view conversations in first or third-person. Based on the couple the player creates, the game will then generate a baby, and it's at this stage that the player can set up the character stats.

Giving players the freedom to explore the world is one of the developers' main focus in Fallout 4. Players can explore hundreds of locations, meet several characters, and accept dozens of quests. There's also the option to join factions or just go it alone, it's the player's choice.

When it comes to Pib Boy, Fallout 4 will feature a new version of the device, which not only gives access to in-game information and systems, but also allows players to play some classic games, such as Donkey Kong and Asteroids.

Crafting will play a huge role in Fallout 4. Players will need to rebuild the world, and so, collecting and upgrading items will play a crucial role to create structures and settlements. However, it's not just about buidling, players will also need to have their own generators and terminals, which will be helpful to defend these places from enemies. Crafting goes beyond just building, as players can also modify weapons, with the game having 50 base weapons and over 700 mods for those weapons.

You can check the game more in detail in the trailers and screenshots below.

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