Fallout Shelter Coming To Android On August 13

By Mike Sousa on July 27, 2015, 5:39PM EDT

Fallout Shelter will launch on the 13th of August for Android devices, Bethesda announced. The Android release will also feature brand new updates, which will also be made available for iOS devices in August.

In Fallout Shelter, players will create their own Vault, and ensuring a good management of the Vault is essencial for it to survive in the Wasteland. All of the Vault's inhabitants will each have their own strenghts and abilities, and tending to their needs is just as crucial as protecting the Vault. Build the perfect Vault from a variety of rooms, oversee your very own thriving community of Vault Dwellers, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland.

Regarding the brand new updates, the Android release will introduce a robot companion named Mr. Handy. This robot companion will play a crucial role to help you manage the Vault, as it will be able to collect resources inside your Vault, collect loot in the wasteland and defend your Vault.

Just like on iOS, Fallout Shelter will be available for free on Android.

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