No Man's Sky Footage Shows Off What Players Can Do In The Game

By Mike Sousa on July 7, 2015, 6:15PM EST

After its impressive presentation at E3 2015, Hello Games has released today a brand new footage of the upcoming No Man's Sky. The 18 minutes footage gives us a glimpse at what exactly can players do when exploring the huge universe of the game.

No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray revealed that while exploring players will be able to acquire items, which can kept in your ship and sold for Units, the game's currency. Players can then use Units to purchase better ships to travel further and store more items. Units can also be used to upgrade the player's character and weapons.

The footage also showed that certain actions, such as shooting and killing animals, will make Sentinels appear and attack the player. This feature works similar to Grand Theft Auto's wanted level, where the more trouble you cause, the more the sentinels will react and attack you. Dying will result in players losing all the items that weren't either sold or stored in your ship.

With a release date yet to be revealed, No Man's Sky will be available on PS4 and PC.

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