Meet Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold's War Magus Chloe

By Shawn Collier on August 2, 2015, 6:28PM EDT

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight releases this upcoming week in North America, so in anticipation of that release date Atlus has released two new videos showcasing Story Mode's War Magus Chloe and the new town development mechanic.

Much like the first Untold game, this entry is essentially two games in one as it includes both a Nintendo 3DS update to the original Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard with new dungeon layouts, graphics and system improvements that were first featured in the first Etrian Odyssey Untold in the Classic mode. The second part is the Untold portion which includes a brand-new story mode with a fixed party, voiced dialogue and animated cutscenes that follows the bittersweet tale of the Fafnir Knight, Princess Arianna, Flavio ­- another hero of the Midgard Library - and the two adventurers, Bertrand and Chloe. The five meet while exploring the Ginnungagap ruins, and then after misfortune unfolds, they venture back and forth between the Yggdrasil Labyrinth and Ginnungagap, slowly working their way to discovering the origins of the Fafnir Knight.

The twist with the new Fafnir class is that the hero has the ability to switch between his human and a beastly demonic form which enhances his abilities and attributes and is exclusive to the Untold portion of the game. Untold 2 also includes changes to the Grimoire system from the first game which some players had issues with due to its implementation to make it easier to use and understand. The easier Picnic difficulty featured in the original Untold game also carries over into this version.

Chloe is smaller than the other party members in size, but she plays a big role in your Story Mode party with the ability to inflict devastating debuffs. Utilizing her "War Edge" skills when equipped with a sword, she can inflict a 7-turn debut that reduces an enemy's Attack or Defense as long as said enemy currently has an ailment. This provides an great asset when followed up with the Sovereign's "Ad Nihilo" skill to convert the debuffs into Almighty damage.

Utilizing your hard-earned En, you can improve the various areas in the village, which in turn attracts better customers for your advertising campaigns selling food from the recipes you collect. This also has a side benefit of potentially attracting better trade partners for Grimoire Stones!

All initial copies of the game at retail will include an official staff book filled with 22 pages of artwork, including early drafts of character concepts, introductions to the characters, with both explanations of their individual back stories as well as developer insight to the character creation process, and QR Codes that will unlock some beginner-friendly Grimoire Stones. The second bonus is a CD soundtrack filled with early versions of the EO2U music by series composer, Yuzo Koshiro. There will also be three Nintendo 3DS themes, with the first being released on July 14.

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight will be released on August 4 in North America in both retail and digital format via the Nintendo eShop for $49.99. NIS America will be handling the European release, which will release in that territory on February 12, 2016. If you're still on the fence about picking up the game, check out our review of the game which just went live earlier this week.

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