Meet The Legend of Legacy's Meurs And Bianca

By Shawn Collier on August 23, 2015, 7:20PM EDT

Earlier this month, Atlus revealed information about the special launch edition for their upcoming RPG title The Legend of Legacy. The publisher has now released a new trailer showcasing two of the playable characters in the game: Meurs and Bianca.

The Legend of Legacy is composed of a star-studded team of developers, including illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi (SaGa series), renowned composer Masashi Hamauzu (SaGa, Final Fantasy XIII), and writer Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger). The Legend of Legacy is an RPG where players unravel the secret agendas each one of seven explorers has in store for the mysterious new island, Avalon. The twist is that after reaching the end of each character's story, you can start another's in New Game Plus mode to have a different take on the story. And for the the American release, there will be additional balance tweaks new to the Western version of the game.

In the game, player choose which of the seven playable characters they want to play as their main protagonist. Following a short prologue with a fixed three-person party, they'll be able to choose which two remaining team members make up their three-person party.

Bianca is a young girl with long, ice-blonde hair. She awakens on Avalon with no memory of how she got there, and is a mild and gentle girl who despite her unfortunate circumstances and loss of memory, still remains optimistic. She senses that the answers to her memory loss lie deep within the island, and she is determined to recover her identity. Her base stats favor well towards a support class, with affinities for the wind and fire elements. She prefers short swords, axes, spears, and bows in combat.

Meurs is one of the few remaining elementalists alive. The elements have been gathering to Avalon for unknown reasons, and Meurs is determined to find out why they've been so attracted to the island. He communicates with the elements and travels the earth with the spirits as his guide. He also makes for a strong support ally in battle, and prefers short swords with a shield. He has a strong affinity for the wind element.

All physical pre-orders and a limited number of launch copies will be upgraded to a special limited collector's edition. It comes in a large, collectible outer box and included two additional bonuses alongside the game: a 10-soundtrack CD featuring music from composer Masashi Hamauzu and a glossy hardcore 40-page art book with art from acclaimed illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi (SaGa series).

The Legend of Legacy will be released on October 13 in North and South America. NIS America will be releasing the title over in Europe in Winter 2016.

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