Rocket League Is Coming To Other Platforms

By Mike Sousa on August 4, 2015, 1:40PM EDT

Rocket League launched on PS4 and PC last month, and in this short amount of time it proved itself to be a success, with the game being downloaded more than 5 million times. The game won't stay exclusively on PS4 and PC forever, though, as Psyonix's VP of marketing and communications Jeremy Dunham confirmed that the game will be coming to other platforms.

"Now that the game is doing as well as its doing and people really want to see, we've focused on this. We're now in a position that we can expand our team. We are absolutely, 100 percent going to other platforms. What those platforms are and when we'll come to them, I don't know yet," said Dunham.

"The number one reason we're only on PlayStation and PC is because the team is small. For the majority of the development, there were only 8 to 12 people working on Rocket League, and we've only very recently -- in the last few weeks -- added a couple of people to that count."

Despite confirming that Rocket League is coming to other platforms, Dunham couldn't specify which ones. "Nothing is off the table. If the game can work on the platform and we can responsibly get that game working on a platform, we will never say never to any of the platforms that are current-gen. Anything is possible."

Do you think that Rocket League will come to platforms, such as the Xbox One or Wii U? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Gamezone

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