Tales From The Borderlands: Episode 4 Releases Next Week

By Mike Sousa on August 12, 2015, 5:50PM EST

Telltale Games has announced that Escape Plan Bravo, the fourth episode of Tales from the Borderlands, will release next week on all platforms, nearly two months after the launch of episode three. The publisher also released some screenshots showing off a bit of what we can expect from this episode.

Escape Plan Bravo will continue where episode 3 left off, after Rhys and Fiona where captured by Vallory and her goons. The duo has now to search for the Vault beacon, which is located on the Hyperion moon base. With our heroes still in Pandora, Rhys and Fiona have a dangerous adventure ahead of them, and they will need all the help they can get.

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 releases on PS4, PS3 and PC on the 18th of August, followed by the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions the following day, and the iOS and Android ports on the 20th of August.

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