Need For Speed To Receive A Closed Beta On PS4 And Xbox One

By Mike Sousa on September 14, 2015, 2:57PM EST

Electronic Arts has announced that a Need For Speed closed beta is headed to PS4 and Xbox One.

In order to get a chance to join the closed beta, players will need to register on the game's official website before the 25th of September. Players can register on both platforms, but only a selected few will be accepted to be part of the beta.

Developer Ghost Games stated that the purpose of the beta is to "perform a number of technical tests that will help the team" prepare for the game's launch. Although no further details were revealed, the developer said that the beta will begin in the coming weeks.

Need for Speed releases on PS4 and Xbox One on the 3rd of November in North America and on the 5th of November in Europe.

Source: NeedForSpeed

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