Pro Evolution Soccer Will 'Catch Up' With FIFA, Says Konami

By Mike Sousa on September 19, 2015, 9:46PM EDT

Over the recent years, the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise lost a bit of its shine, while FIFA ascended to the throne of soccer games. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, judging by the positive reviews, seems to be the turning point of the series for the best, with product manager Adam Bhatti believing that Pro Evolution Soccer will catch up with FIFA.

"We're definitely catching up with FIFA. And we have to be respectful about that. We have to keep closing that gap. In a couple of years we'll clearly lead again. But we have to convince a lot of people," Bhatti told MCV.

Bhatti knows that licences are usually a turn off for fans, and that's why the development team is dedicated to deliver the best soccer experience in terms of other game features. "There are things we can't control like licences, but in terms of presentation, visuals, we want to be industry leading."

"We are delighted with the positivity shown to PES 2016. We've always had utter belief in its quality, but with the first reviews hailing it as the best football game of all time, it is fantastic to see others celebrating its advances."

What are your thoughts on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016? Do you think that Pro Evolution Soccer will once again be king of soccer games? Share your thouhgts in the comments below.

Source: MCV

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