Rumor: Konami Ceases Development Of AAA Games For Consoles, Except Pro Evolution Soccer

By Mike Sousa on September 18, 2015, 5:44PM EST

According to a pair of reports on French site Gameblog, Konami will no longer take part in the development of AAA titles for consoles, with all console projects having been stopped or canceled by the new management. The only exception is the Pro Evolution Soccer series, which will continue to be developed each year.

In addition, Gameblog also reports that Julien Merceron, Konami's worldwide technology director and one of the key people responsible for Konami's Fox Engine, has also left the company. Merceron apparently left because he was unhappy with Konami's transition away from the console market towards mobile games.

But problems at Konami didn't start here, as earlier this year Hideo Kokima saw its name removed from Metal Gear Solid marketing assets, which lead many to believe at the time that he had left the company. Now, we know that Hideo Kojima has left and that his Kojima Productions studio was dissolved, something that makes things look even more complicated for the company. For those worried about Metal Gear Online, the report claims that it won't be affected and will launch on the 6th of October as expected.

What do you think of Konami's decision if this turns out to be true? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Gameblog (via Eurogamer)

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