Sega Announces Football Manager 2016

By Mike Sousa on September 8, 2015, 4:53PM EDT

With the football season starting once again in several countries across the world, Sega has announced the next title in the Football Manager series, Football Manager 2016. The game is being developed by Sports Interactive will be available on PC, and on iOS and Android devices.

Sports Interactive will deliver new features and game modes in this entry in the series, offering a refreshing and more exciting experience. One of these new features is the ability to customize how your manager looks on the pitch. Other new features include more than 2,000 new animations, multi-match highlights, Prozone match analysis, more realistic injuries, more varied press conferences, and more.

As for game modes, Football Manager 2016 will have two new game modes: Fantasy Draft and Create-A-Club. Fantasy Draft is a competitive mode up to 32 players, in which each player will have to build its own squad with a budget cap and compete against each other. Create-A-Club is a mode where players can create their own club and customize it however they want it.

In addition, Sports Interactive is also releasing a spin-off called Football Manager Touch. This spin-off, which will also be available in Football Manager 2016, is basically a stripped-down version of Football Manager Classic. Football Manager Touch will launch later this year.

"For some time now it's been clear to us that there is no 'one size fits all' football management experience," said Sports Interactive studio manager Miles Jacobson. "While a huge number of our fans have the time and dedication required to devote themselves to the full simulation, there's an equally-large number who prefer a more streamlined option. Not only that, but the widespread availability of mobile devices means that people are playing in different ways. The introduction of Football Manager Touch as a standalone offering - playable across computer and tablet - means that we now offer something for everyone."

Football Manager 2016 will release on the 13th of November. Those that pre-order the game on Steam will get access to the game's beta, which will start a few weeks before the game's release.

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