Atlus Announces Free Stella Glow Demo Is Coming October 27

By Shawn Collier on October 18, 2015, 4:36PM EDT

If you were interested in Atlus's upcoming Japanese RPG Stella Glow but wanted to see how the game played first, you're in luck as the publisher has announced they will be releasing a free demo on the Nintendo eShop later this month.

For those who played games from the Luminous Arc series, this game should be very familiar as it's from the same developer and has some touches to it that will remind players of that game. With around 40-60 hours of story, the game follows protagonist Alto as he battles to save humanity from destruction, learning the secrets behind the five witches and their powerful Song Magic. The game has a cycle of Combat Time and Free Time, the former is for advancing the game's story through battles, while the latter allows players a finite number of choices to explore, upgrade, or form relationships with members of their party.

The demo, which will be released on October 27 on the Nintendo eShop, will include the entire prologue available as a demo. Unlike their earlier demo for The Legend of Legacy it won't allow progress to transfer over, but it will give players a taste of the strategic combat, voice acting, and have them bear witness to Alto's transformation from humble villager to a Regnant Knight when Hilda comes to destroy his home town. Atlus also announced that the official website for the game is now live at

Atlus also released a new trailer that showcases four of the good Witches, Lisette, Popo, Mordimort, and Sakuya. Their power and ability to wield song magic to control the elements is the one thing that can stand in the way of Hilda's tour of destruction. The trailer showcases their powers in battle.

All North American pre-orders will be upgraded to a special Launch Edition that includes a cloth poster, soft vinyl charm and a "Song Magic" CD, all enclosed in a special collectible outer box. More information about the launch edition can be found here.

Stella Glow will be released on November 17 in North America at retail and digitally via the Nintendo eShop for $49.99. NIS America will release the title in Spring 2016 both at retail and digitally, although no price point or launch edition bonuses are currently decided for that territory.

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