Battlefield 4's Community Operations DLC And Fall Update Are Out Tomorrow

By Mike Sousa on October 26, 2015, 3:22PM EST

DICE and Electronic Arts have announced that the Community Operations DLC will launch tomorrow, October 27th, on all platforms. This DLC includes a brand new map that was created by DICE with some feedback from the Battlefield 4 community.

"The map Operation Outbreak was made hand-in-hand with the community," said DICE. "We started out by setting some basic guidelines, and then we started asking questions via polls. These polls directed what the map ended up like. In the end, your votes created a jungle map that was highly destructible, infantry focused, and medium-sized."

The developer has also explained how the map will be, incluiding its size, structures, and more. "Like most Battlefield maps, Operation Outbreak has a story behind it. A secret Indonesian medical research facility has been developing a virus"¦ and testing that virus on monkeys. An incident where the monkeys got loose and wreaked havoc on the surrounding valley was picked up by military intelligence, prompting the US and China forces to send a force to the area to seize the research.

"As you can tell from the screenshots, the map takes place in a dense jungle, full of places to hide and ambush your opponents. The community also helped choose the points of interest of the map which resulted in the five major ones we have today: Medical Facility, Temple, Ghost Town, Fishing Village, and the Palm Oil Plantation.

"Initially, there was no Temple planned for the map, but popular demand from the community showed that it was something people really wanted. We used your feedback and made the waterfall we were working on into a Temple ruins with some really interesting gameplay."

You can see screenshots and a cinematic trailer of the Operation Outbreak map below. Alongside this DLC, a new patch, dubbed the Fall update, will also go live tomorrow. Although DICE has yet to reveal the patch notes, the developer stated that it will feature "improvements to a variety of weapons, vehicles, classes, team/objective play, and much more."

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