First Video Of Rise Of The Tomb Raider Video Series Shows Off Lara Croft's Surviving Skills

By Mike Sousa on October 22, 2015, 4:23PM EST

Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft have published the first episode of a Rise of the Tomb Raider video series dubbed "Woman Vs. Wild".

"Harsh Environments" is the name of this episode, and just like its name indicates, it shows how Lara Croft utilizes her skills to survive many of the dangers of these environments, such as dangerous wildlife. The episode also explores the importance of hidden challenges and sidequests, which will reward players with XP, items, new skills, and more.

Rise of the Tomb Raider releases on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 10th of November. The game will be available on PC in early 2016 and on PS4 sometime during Holiday 2016.

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