Halo 5 Characters Coming To Xbox Edition Of Minecraft

By Mike Sousa on October 20, 2015, 4:15PM EDT

Halo 5: Guardians launches next week on Xbox One, but before its release, several Halo 5 characters will make an appearance in the Xbox Editions of Minecraft.

These Halo 5: Guardians characters will be introduced via a free update to the Minecraft: Halo Edition mash-up pack. These characters include Spartan-117 The Master Chief, Spartan-104 Fredric, Spartan-087 Kelly and Spartan-058 Linda from Blue Team, and Spartan Locke, Spartan Buck, Spartan Tanaka and Spartan Vale from Fireteam Osiris.

The update will go live on the 23rd of October. For those interested in purchasing the pack, it's currently available for $3.99/€3.99/£3.19.

Source: Xbox News

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