Hideo Kojima May Have Left Konami Earlier This Month

By Mike Sousa on October 20, 2015, 2:56PM EDT

Everyone knows by now that the relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami hasn't exactly been the best lately, with several sources reporting that Kojima had left the company and that his team had been disbanded. However, according to New Yorker, Kojima left Konami on the 9th of October.

Kojima's departure wasn't a casual one, as you can see in the picture below, there was a goodbye party with around 100 people at Kojima Productions. The goodbye party was described as "a rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye".

Despite New Yorker's claims, Konami has issued a statement denying that Hideo Kojima has left Konami, and added that Kojima and his team are currently on an extended vacation. "Currently, Kojima is a listed as a company employee [at Konami]," Konami told Tokyo Sports.

"Currently, Kojima and the development team are finished developing Metal Gear Solid 5 and are taking a long time off from work. We're not sure what kind of thing this was.

"Because the development time for console games is so long and fatigues builds up, it's common for employees to take extended periods of time of when development is finished."

Despite Konami's statement, taking in consideration many factors such as the removal of Hideo Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid V and the cancellation of Silent Hill, it seems more than likely that the Metal Gear Solid director won't be around at Konami for much longer.

Source: New Yorker

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