Microsoft Expecting Massive Migration Of Xbox 360 Players To Xbox One This Holiday

By Mike Sousa on October 29, 2015, 5:16PM EST

Microsoft believes that massive ammount of Xbox 360 players will finally migrate to Xbox One during this Holiday season. Speaking with Gamespot, global marketing boss Aaron Greenberg explains that the amazing lineup of games this holiday and the addition of backwards compatibility are the perfect reasons for Xbox 360 players to finally make the jump to Xbox One.

"There's tens of millions of Xbox 360 fans that are out there that are still playing on Xbox 360 and they're waiting for the right time and the right reason to migrate over to Xbox One," Greenberg told GameSpot.

"Whether they've been waiting for the first true next-gen Halo with Halo 5 or if they've been waiting for solutions like backwards compatibility, we do expect to see a pretty massive migration this holiday of those fans.

"On the first-party side, with our content, we've said that we're doing everything we can to make our first-party games lineup available. And on the third-party side, we're making this available to all our third-party partners to participate. We hope that they will all participate. If folks do want third-party partners to participate in the program, they should ask them and encourage them to participate."

With Sony's recent price cut and its advantage in terms of sales, Microsoft certainly needs to pull all the stops to raise the Xbox One sales, and motivating its core fanbase to move on Microsoft's current gen console it's the perfect way to do so.

Source: Gamespot

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