New Xbox One Experience Update Launching On November 12th

By Mike Sousa on October 27, 2015, 5:44PM EDT

The long-awaited New Xbox One Experience update will launch worldwide on the 12th of November, Phil Spencer announced during the Halo 5: LIVE event. This update will not only be adding backwards compatibility to the console, but it will also improve user interface and performance, and expand social content and engagement.

With this update, players will finally be able to play their Xbox 360 titles, as well as all DLC released for these titles, on Xbox One. Over 100 titles will be available once the update goes live, with more being added in the coming months. Multiplayer will also be available to play as long as the servers are still up.

The New Xbox One Experience update will improve game experience with several improvements and additions. One of these is the new guide, which allows players to check party invites, messages, notifications, and more by just pressing a button, all this without ever leaving or pausing your game. If you want to know more about a specific game, you can now get updates directly from game developers and engage with content developed and shared by the Xbox Live community via Game Hub.

Expanding the social content and engagement is also one of the main highlights of this update. With the addition of the new community area, players can get the latest updates and interact with the community by sharing, commenting, and like content from other players. The dashboard has been redesigned in order to provide an easier navigation, with all content being divided into Games, Apps, Movies & TV, and Music.

We can expect more details about this update and which Xbox 360 titles will be playable on November 12th in the upcoming days.

Source: Xbox

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