Street Fighter 5's Second Beta Starts On October 22nd

By Mike Sousa on October 8, 2015, 2:51PM EST

The second beta of Street Fighter 5 will run between October 22-25 on PS4 and PC, Capcom has announced. What's probably the most surprising aspect of the second beta it's the fact that it will feature cross-play, allowing PS4 and PC players to play with each other, although, this feature will only be available on the last two days.

According to Capcom, the characters from the previous beta won't be available this time around, instead, we will get Ken, Necalli, Vega and R.Mika. Rashid as playable characters. In addition, we can expect new characters to be added after October 22nd, including Rashid on day two (October 23rd) and Karin on day three (October 24th).

The beta will also make use of money that was earned in battle, allowing players to unlock titles and the Kanzuki Estate stage.

Players that took part if the first beta will automatically have access to this second beta. As for everyone else, it will be required to register through here.

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