XSEED Announces Three New PC Titles, Including Xanadu Next

By Shawn Collier on October 18, 2015, 4:28PM EST

Publisher XSEED Games over the past few years has released quite a few PC titles, and the publisher has now announced PC owners will have three more titles to expect in 2016.

XSEED's Executive Vice President, Ken Berry at Marvelous USA, had this to say about the releases:

"Our commitment has always been to bring fans the games that they want to play, and we definitely want to show PC gamers as much love as we possibly can. With these announcements, I think we've made strides in both of those endeavors. We jumped at the chance to publish two of our formerly console-exclusive titles on PC, as well as the highly-anticipated Xanadu Next, which we're confident that Nihon Falcom fans and newcomers alike will adore."

First off, XSEED Games will be bringing Nihon Falcom's classic Windows PC title Xanadu Next to Western audiences. From the creators of the acclaimed Ys and The Legend of Heroes franchises, Xanadu Next puts the player in the shoes of a gravely injured knight given a new lease on life through ancient magic, who must now seek a legendary sword called "Dragon Slayer" to ensure his survival. XSEED currently had the title set for a Spring 2016 release.

The second announcement comes in the form of an HD port of the Nintendo Wii version of Little King's Story. Players take control of a young boy named Corobo who finds a mysterious crown which lets its wearer charm any person and make them follow any order. The game combines life simulation and real-time strategy mechanics along with simple adventure elements and a enticing storyline. Every NPC (Non-Playable Character) in the village has his/her own personality, and players can command these townspeople to do various tasks, from digging for treasure to breaking down obstacles between areas. XSEED currently has this title set for an Early 2016 release.

Lastly, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus will be getting a HD PC port. Previously exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, the game takes place following the events of Senran Kagura Burst revisiting the rivalry between the students of the Hanzō National Academy and their sworn enemies at Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, the latter of which have now gone underground and formed a mercenary group known as Homura's Crimson Squad. Both sides must also contend with two new sets of enemies: the students from the exceptionally strict Gessen Girls' Academy, as well as the new generation of Hebijo students who seek to dominate all rivals. XSEED currently has this title set for a Summer 2016 release.

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