Final Fantasy XV Enters 'Pre-Beta' Stage, Playable From Start To Finish

By Mike Sousa on December 2, 2015, 7:55PM EDT

Final Fantasy XV's programmer Satoshi Kitade has revealed that Final Fantasy XV has entered "pre-beta" stage. This means that the development team can now play the game from start to finish, allowing the developers to get an impression of the overall quality of game, and polish each individual element and do gameplay adjustments.

"The term "pre-beta version" refers to the product of development on FFXV that was put together in October this year," Kitade explained. "We have managed to get the game in a state where you can play the whole thing through from the opening to the ending. By doing this, all the dev. staff are now able to get a shared impression of the overall game.

"In short, we can now say that we have done the groundwork for finishing all the different areas of content in the game and the overall product itself to a high standard, polishing up each individual element and fine tuning the gameplay. There are mechanics and elements that are still undergoing testing and are not implemented in the release code yet, but making it possible for all the dev. staff to grasp an overall image of the game is very important for the next stage of the development process."

Kitade also revealed that the development of the first half of the game is complete. This will help the team to "extrapolate how much work will be necessary in order to bring all aspects of the game" to the quality level Square Enix is aiming for. It also allows them to check how actual players will approach the game and their pace while playing it.

Final Fantasy XV releases in 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Final Fantasy XV Forums (Via Nova Crystallis)

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