PlayStation 4's 2015 First-Party Lineup Wasn't 'As Strong' As Sony Would Have Liked

By Mike Sousa on December 14, 2015, 6:26PM EDT

2015 was a great year gaming, with many great releases across all platforms. While Microsoft claims that the 2015 holiday season is the greatest games lineup in the history of Xbox, Sony admits that while their offering is strong, their first party lineup was not strong as Sony would have liked.

"Games that have been released this year, from Destiny, Call of Duty, Star Wars -- most of them we have a collaboration with for additional content if you play on PlayStation 4, so we're pretty confident with the way Christmas is going. The demand is strong," Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, told Gamespot at a PlayStation 20th Anniversary event in Sydney.

"We have worked very closely with third parties this year because our first party lineup was not as a strong as we would have liked." While 2015 might not have been as great as expected, Ephraim believes that the PlayStation 4's 2016 first party lineup looks incredible. "Next year, our first party lineup looks incredible. You've got Street Fighter, Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo. These are all exclusives, and two of them are new franchises."

The PS4 had a good start this year with the release of major exclusives such as The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne, but the holiday season offers little in terms of exclusives. Despite this, sales continue as strong as ever, with over 30 million consoles sold in less than two years.

Source: Gamespot

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