Far Cry Primal Won't Feature Dinosaurs

By Mike Sousa on January 27, 2016, 7:20PM EDT

David Footman, Far Cry Primal's cinematics director, has revealed in an interview with Daily Star that the game won't feature dinosaurs. According to Footman, the development team wanted to create a setting that would be as close to the truth as possible, and due to this, Dinosaurs wouldn't "really fit" in the game.

"I think with our depictions of primitive early man there's the fantasy and there's the reality," explained Footman. "When we were creating the characters and working with the story we found that the public fantasy about the stone age is actually way more primitive than what it really is.

"The clichés we kept seeing were cavemen, ape like and I think a lot of people assume dinosaurs. The thing is, we're not tied to that fantasy. When we set out to make the game we wanted the truth and dinosaurs would be way beyond that ragged edge because it doesn't seem like they would fit the game we made.

"At it's core Far Cry Primal is incredibly authentic and then we sort of build out from there. Dinosaurs, really wouldn't fit that," he concluded.

Far Cry Primal releases on the 23rd of February on PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC version coming on the 1st of March.

Source: Daily Star

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