GameTrailers Shuts Down

By Mike Sousa on February 9, 2016, 5:24PM EDT

GameTrailers, a site that was once one of the most popular on the internet where you would watch game trailers, has announced that it will be ceasing operations today.

"Today is the last day of GameTrailers," said Brandon Jones, founder and boss of the GameTrailers". "I wish it wasn't so. I love all of our fans like family. Thank you for letting me do this job."

The site was founded back in 2002, becoming not only one the best videogame sites in the internet, but also the pioneer of game clips and trailers. However, as years passed on, the appearance of other media such as Youtube and Twitch marked the beginning of the site's demise. Gametrailers was acquired by Defy Media in 2014, which almost immediately resulted in employees being laid off. Yesterday, without any prior warning, the team was informed that the site was going to be shutdown, something that caught everyone by surprise.

GameTrailers will forever leave its mark on the videogame industry. We hope that the whole team quickly manages to get new jobs and projects.

Source: GameTrailers

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