IO Interactive Reveals Everything You Need To Know About The Hitman Beta

By Mike Sousa on February 9, 2016, 3:15PM EDT

With the Hitman closed beta starting later this week on PS4, developer IO Interactive has detailed everything we can expect from the beta. This includes start and end time, playable content, file size, how to get access and more.

The beta starts on PS4 this week, on the 12th of February, at 10AM GMT/8 AM PST/11 AM EST, ending on the 15th of February at the same time. PC players will have to wait until next week, with the beta starting on the 19th of February at 10AM GMT/2 AM PST/5 AM EST, ending on the 22nd of February at the same time. Coincidence or not, the file size is 4.7 GB.

Although it was previously stated that everyone that pre-ordered the game would get access to the beta, IO Interactive has now clarified that this only applies for the digital versions of the game. This means that pre-ordering at retailers won't get you in the beta.

The beta gives players access to the game's prologue, a mission where players will not only be introduced to the game's gameplay features and mechanics, but also find out how Agent 47 was recruited into the CIA.

"That's the very beginning of the game, set at a top secret recruitment and training facility," IO Interactive explained via the Hitman FAQ. "The Prologue revolves around how Agent 47 joined the ICA and shows the first time that 47 meets his long-time handler, Diana Burnwood.

"The Prologue contains an introduction to the gameplay features and mechanics in Hitman, and two free-form training hits. You'll be able to replay each hit as many times as you wish throughout the beta period to complete the challenges and the multiple ways to take down your target "“ as you would expect."

It's also mandatory to have an Internet connection, but rest assured, it's not required for the full game. It's also worth noting that the beta won't include a Contracts Mode, and that any progress made won't carry over to the full game. Square Enix and IO Interactive are also encouraging players to leave feedback at Square Enix Forums, Hitman Forum, among other places.

Hitman releases on the 11th of March on PS4, Xbox One and PC. At launch, the game will only feature a Prologue and the France level. The game will continue to receive post-release updates throughout the year, including new campaign missions, new locations and more Contracts.

You can purchase the 'Hitman Intro Pack', which gives players access only to the Prologue and the France level for $14.99/€14.99/£11.59. If you purchased the Hitman Intro Pack, each new location will be available to purchase for $9.99/€9.99/£7.99 each. Should players wish to purchase the full package, they will be able to do so for $59.99/€59.99/£44.99.

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