Quantum Break Won't Be Available On Steam

By Mike Sousa on February 16, 2016, 11:01AM EDT

After announcing that Quantum Break was also going to release on PC, Microsoft now has revealed that the PC version of Quantum Break won't be coming to Steam. Instead, the game will be available exclusively on the Windows Store exclusive.

In the lastest Major Nelson Podcast, Xbox Games Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg said that Quantum Break is a Windows Store exclusive, and addressed the mixed reaction from fans following the announcement of Quantum Break on PC. "Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a Windows Store exclusive," said Greenberg.

"Sometimes we're innovating, sometimes we're experimenting, sometimes we're charting new ground on different things. We always want to hear people's feedback, we're always listening. While they might not always agree with 100 per cent of everything we do, we love the feedback.

"We want to do different things and try different things and say, 'Hey, what do you think of this, what do you think of that?' We do listen. Good and bad, we appreciate [the feedback]."

Quantum Break releases on the 5th of April on Xbox One and PC.

Source: Majornelson

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