The Division Allows Players To Turn Off Certain Visual Aspects To Improve Framerate On Consoles

By Mike Sousa on February 8, 2016, 8:53PM EDT

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Tom Clancy's The Division will feature graphical customization options that will allow the game to run better. According to one of the game's developers, turning off "certain light effects" will improve the framerate on both platforms.

"It's great that we are giving [players] the option to disable certain light effects to improve frame rate in the consoles," the developer told Team Epiphany. "I don't know of any other game that does that off the top of my head. So if players want to choose frame rate over visuals, they can if they want."

Talking about the PC version, the developer stated that this version was developed as a "separate platform", and assured fans that it won't be a simple port from the console versions. Despite this, he admits that the PC version was held back to prevent a huge gap between PC and console.

"One good thing about The Division, is we've always considered the PC as a separate platform. I've worked on projects before where the PC versions were ports from the console, which carries limitations over, but we've always been of the mind that we'd have a dedicated PC build.

"We do kind of have to keep in check with the consoles, it would be kind of unfair to push it so far away from them, but it's been good having a dedicated PC version with this game. I'm really happy we're pushing the PC build as much as we are, there's a lot more customized options than the console."

Tom Clancy's The Division releases worldwide on the 8th of March on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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