The Witness Was A Huge Success During Its Launch Week, 'Under Consideration' For Other Platforms

By Mike Sousa on February 3, 2016, 5:05PM EST

3D Puzzle game The Witness released last week on PS4 and PC, with creator Johnathan Blow revealing that the game sold "substantially more than 100,000 units" during its launch week. Although Blow could not detail the amount of sales on each platform, he did state that sales were strong on both PS4 and PC, with neither platform dominating the other.

"The Witness has now been on sale for a week, so it seems like a good time to post a financial summary," Blow wrote on the game's website. "Often, independent developers find these kinds of numbers useful in making their own plans, and the general public can find them interesting too.

"Finally, I want to make clear that we did not make this game in order to make money. We were trying to build a beautiful / interesting / intricate thing, first and foremost. The money just helps us stay in business in order to build new things. It is very easy on the Internet to read a financial posting like this cynically, so I urge folks out there not to do that.

"Across all platforms, The Witness has totalled over $5 million USD gross revenue in the first week, and it has sold substantially more than 100,000 units. The Witness launched on two platforms, PSN and Windows PC. Neither of these platforms dominates our sales; PC is very strong for us, and PSN is very strong for us.

"So, the game is doing great. That doesn't mean we have broken even on our development cost yet! Because our development budget was so high, $5 million in revenue is not enough to recover it yet (because we split that revenue with the storefronts, we have to subtract VAT in Europe, etc). However, it is looking like, as time goes on, we should break even and make a comfortable safety margin on top of that, which will allow us to make more nice games in the future "” unless some kind of world economic disaster happens."

Currently only available on PS4 and PC, Blow admited that the team is considering releasing the game on other platforms, including iOS, Android, Xbox One, OS X. However, the their priority right now is fixing the graphics driver problems PC players are experiencing and adding some features to the game.

"Right now we are dealing mostly with PC graphics driver problems, and we are also working on adding some features to the game about configurable controls and rendering options, for PC and PS4," Blow added.

"After this, in the near future, we will start investigating the bringing the game to other platforms. Under serious consideration are: iOS, Android, Xbox One, OS X. We will provide more-concrete information about these as it becomes available!"

The Witness is currently available for $39.99/€36.99/£29.99.

Source: The Witness

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