Here's Trillion: God Of Destruction Opening Movie

By Mike Sousa on March 25, 2016, 5:55PM EST

With the release of Trillion: God of Destruction just a week away, Idea Factory has released the game's opening movie. The opening highlights Zeabolos, Faust, the six Overlords, as well as the denizens of the Underworld.

The game is set several centuries after a legendary battle between Heavens and the demons of the Underworld. The demons of the Underworld lived an evil, yet fulfilling life in peace after these events, but all this changed with the appearance of Trillion, a demon god of destruction that sought to consume the world. The player is tasked with preparing six Overlord candidates to fight Trillion and save the world.

Throughout your quest you will have the option to form bonds with the Overlords. Depending on how you interact with your them, you will earn Affection Points. These will be crucial in battle, as they act as a substitute to HP and MP, which means that before Trillion can get to wearing down your Overlord's HP it will have to damage the Affection Points first. The game features over ten different endings, with your relationship with your Overlord determining which ending you get.

Trillion: God of Destruction releases for PS Vita on the 29th of March in North America and on the 1st of April in Europe.

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