Shenmue III Gets New Screenshots And Game Footage

By Mike Sousa on March 1, 2016, 4:34PM EDT

Yu Suzuki and Ys Net have released a handful of screenshots of Shenmue III, allowing fans to get a glimpse at the game's beautiful visuals. These images were first shown at the the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC), where the developer also unveiled some game footage.

The screenshots and the game footage feature Shenmue III's opening area Bailu Village, with the game footage video also showcasing the game's weather effects. In addition, Yu Suzuki also revealed at the event that he wants to bring Chai back as a character in Shenmue III, and add more strategy and interaction in the game's fights.

Shenmue III releases on PS4 and PC in late 2017.

Source: Kickstarter

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