Gears Of War 4 Beta Gameplay Footage Leaked

By Mike Sousa on April 13, 2016, 9:17PM EDT

The multiplayer beta for Gears of War kicks off next week, but we are now able to get a glimpse of the beta in action.

This 13-minute footage shows off the game's Team Deathmatch and Dodgeball modes, and while it has multiple executions and the classic Gears Of War gameplay, it seems like nothing was innovated upon or improved in comparision to previous games. However, it's important to point out that Coalition Studio Head Rod Fergusson has previously stressed that this is just an alpha build of the multiplayer, which means that it won't really be a polished experience and issues might happen.

The Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta kicks off on the 18th of April for those who played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox One or PC. This beta will then expand to all Xbox Live Gold members a week later, on the 25th of April.

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