No Man's Sky Game Newest Video Continues To Impress

By Mike Sousa on April 19, 2016, 8:24PM EDT

The launch of No Man's Sky is just two months away, and to show off more of what we can do in the game, Hello Games has released a 15-minute gameplay video of the demo for No Man's Sky.

This video is similar to the gameplay demo that was released a few days ago, with Hello Games' Sean Murray going into several things that were showed and explained previously, such as hidden areas, resources, secrets, arsenal, NPCs, among other things.

Midway through, Murray passes the contoller to PlayStation's Anthony Carboni, who starts to test his arsenal on the wildlife around him and name new species that he came across. Eventually, due to all the mayhem that he created, Carboni was attacked by sentinels.

The controller goes back to Murray after a while, as he starts explaining a bit more about space exploration. You can gather resources, and even engage in space combat and recover the enemy's ship cargo when victorious.

No Man's Sky releases on the 21st of June on PS4 and PC.

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