Ray Gigant Set For Release Next Month

By Shawn Collier on April 12, 2016, 9:52PM EDT

The upcoming PlayStation Vita title, Ray Gigant, has finally gotten a North American and European PSN release date: May. And to celebrate that news, acttil has released some new English screenshots of the game.

In Ray Gigant, you follow three heroes and their allies. The first hero is Ichiya, a seemingly normal person who ends up coming across a mysterious power, Yorigami, called "Habakiri" when the Gigants attack Tokyo. The second hero is Kyle, a noble with the Yorigami "Answerer". And lastly there's Nil, a young woman with the Yorigami "Kukulkan". In the dungeons, you'll attack the Gigants in three-way battles, but unlike most dungeon RPGs, each character in the party has a different perspective during the fight and there's a "Slash Beat"-type combo system at play. And of course, outside of the dungeons there's some visual novel-esque aspects and scenes.

There's no definitive release set yet, but North America and Europe will see Ray Gigant released sometime next month in May as a digital-only title released exclusively via the PlayStation Store.

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