Dragon Quest Builders Releases This October

By Mike Sousa on May 31, 2016, 12:32PM EDT

Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Builders will release this October in North America and Europe. Having released in the Japan earlier this year, the block-building sandbox action RPG finally comes to the west as part of the series' 30th anniversary celebration.

Dragon Quest Builders is set in Alefgard, the world of the original Dragon Quest. The Hero (from DQ1) was supposed to save the world by defeating the evil Dragonlord, however, our hero actually got tempted into accepting a sham deal with the Dragonlord, which resulted in the world being covered in darkness and despair.

The few survivors scattered around the world no longer understand the concept of creativity and live through scavenging what remains among ruins. As the Legendary Builder with the knowledge to create objects through combination and imagination, it's up to you to rebuild the world and return it to its former glory.

Dragon Quest Builders steps away from the usual turn-based combat, offering a mix of RPG and sanbox style gameplay. The game features elements similar to what you would expect from games like Minecraft or Terraria, where you have to gather resources and build towns. The game isn't just about resource-gathering and construction, as players can still expect traditional RPG elements, such as sidequests, NPCs and battling monsters.

ragon Quest Builders will be available on PS4 and PS Vita, with the latter version only being available digitally.

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