World Of Final Fantasy Screenshots Feature Vivi And New Villains

By Mike Sousa on May 31, 2016, 3:19PM EDT

Square Enix released a batch of new screenshots of World of Final Fantasy. These introduce us to new characters, including villains, heroes and mirages.

Starting with the villains side, we have Black Armored Knight Brendires and Zona Seeker, the leader of the Bahamut army and chief of staff, respectively. We also get to take a good look at some Bahamut soldiers. In addition, there's also mysterious masked woman. Her purpose and whether she's an ally or enemy remains unknown.

Moving on the heroes side, it has been confirmed that Vivi from Final Fantasy IX will be in the game, as well as a black mage army. There's also more screenshots of previous confirmed characters, such as Warrior of Light, Lightning and Cloud. Finally, there's some mirages that our heroes will be able to befriend, including Odin, Undead Princess, and Deskar.

World of Final Fantasy releases this year on PS4 and PS Vita.

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