E3 2016: Madden NFL 17 Gets New Trailer And 'Play The Moments' Game Mode

By Mike Sousa on June 12, 2016, 11:36PM EDT

A new gameplay trailer for Madden NFL 17 was shown today at Electronic Arts' Press Conference. This trailer highlights some of the new additions and improvements that will be featured in this entry, including more balanced gameplay and news ways to play the game.

Madden NFL 17 features three new tiers of competitive online modes: Challenger, Premiere, and EA Majors. Challenger will make it easier for players to host tournaments. Premiere are hosted by EA with partners both inside and outside gaming. And EA Majors are run by EA on a global stage, with the best players competing for massive prizes.

This year's entry also features a brand new mode called "Play the Moments". This mode gives players the opportunity to participate and experience the important milestones in each game while simulating the rest of the matchup. This allow you to go through the 17-week season in a shorter amount of time while still be present at critical moments, such as red zone drives, vital third downs, game-winning drives and more, offering the chance to prove your mettle in clutch situations. This feature is completely optional, which means you can turn off Play the Moments at any time.

Another addition is gameplanning, allowing players "tailor their strategy to amplify their team's strengths and attack their opponent's weaknesses, complete with in-game boosts." New Big Decisions also surface important personnel decisions such as bringing players back from injury, signing free agents, negotiating new contracts and more. In addition to all this, Madden NFL 17 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 also features top community requests like practice squads, full player editing and a dynamic score ticker.

NFL 17 releases on the 23rd of August on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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