Persona 5 Releases In North America On February 14

By Mike Sousa on June 7, 2016, 6:14PM EDT

Persona 5 will release in North America exclusively on PS4 and PS3 on the 14th of February, Atlus has announced. The publisher also revealed that the game will be getting a "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition and a SteelBook Launch Edition.

Starting with the "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition, this edition will be available to purchase for $89.99/CA$109.99. Exclusive to the PS4 version of the game, the premium edition includes the following:

  • Soundtrack CD: A selection of music from Persona 5 by legendary series composer Shoji Meguro in a CD wallet featuring P5 artwork.
  • 4" Morgana plush: Morgana the cat is not just the mascot of the Phantom Thieves, but is also a member--and also not just a cat! The premium edition includes an exclusive 4" plush of Morgana.
  • 64-page hardcover art book: This art book is full of concept sketches, character art, and more by character designer Shigenori Soejima.
  • SteelBook: As strong as a vault, the game disc for the PS4 will come specially packaged in a SteelBook collectible case, emblazoned with Persona 5 designs.
  • School bag: Designed after the traditional school bags in Japan, the exclusive replica bag comes complete with the Shujin Academy crest.
  • Collectible outer box: Easily the largest premium edition in ATLUS' history, the entirety of the "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition comes in a colossal collectible box.

For those that just want a copy of the game, there's the SteelBook Launch Edition, which comes with the same SteelBook from the "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition. It will be available through pre-orders and a limited number of day-one purchases, while supplies last, for $59.99/CA$79.99. As for the PS3 version, it will release in a regular game box, and will retail for $49.99/CA$59.99.

A release date for Europe has yet to be revealed.

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