Sony Announces New God of War

By Shawn Collier on June 13, 2016, 9:22PM EDT

Sony announced at their E3 2016 Press Conference in Los Angeles, California a new entry in the long-running God of War franchise.

Instead of the expected numbered God of War 4 title, this title was instead left with an untitled God of War title. It's currently unknown if this means it's a reboot of the franchise or this is a working title for the upcoming game in the franchise.

Like the leaked concept artwork indicated, this entry appears to be steeped in Norse mythology, with Valhalla specifically mentioned once in the trailer. There were also signs of Dark Souls-esque combat in parts of the trailer, instead of the straight-on action gameplay we've come to expect from previous God of War titles. There was also a AI partner character featured that helped Kratos in battle and conversed with him along the way during the gameplay footage.

No indication of a release date was given during the presentation.

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