World Of Final Fantasy Releases In October, New Trailer And Details Revealed

By Mike Sousa on June 7, 2016, 8:51PM EDT

World of Final Fantasy will release on the 25th of October in North America and on the 28th of October in Europe, Square Enix has announced. Square Enix has also published a new trailer and revealed lots of new information about the game.

In an interview with Dengeki Magazine, Square Enix stated that World of Final Fantasy is in its final stages of development and the team is working on fine tuning and adjustments. The developers want the game to be played relatively carefree. They're implementing a system that will allow you to switch between dungeons/town at any point and even if you lose in battle you will just be teleported back to town with all your items and money intact.

Speaking about the content and length of the game, World of Final Fantasy will offer the equivalent to a numbered Final Fantasy title. Aside from Mirage training and side elements, the story alone offers 100 hours of content. There are also going to be full sub stories and events with Final Fantasy characters.

There are over 200 Mirages that appear in the game. However, since there are this many Mirages, they're making adjustments to the game so that you can train all of them.

World of Final Fantasy will be available on PS4 and PS Vita.

Source: Final Fantasy Union

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