Rumor: Nintendo NX Is A Portable Console With Detachable Controllers

By Mike Sousa on July 27, 2016, 2:45PM EDT

Nintendo NX is going to be a portable console with detachable controllers, multiple sources have told Eurogamer. These sources also revealed other details about the console, such as more details on its hardware, cartridges, backwards compatibility and more.

Being a portable console, what makes the Nintendo NX stand out in comparision to other handheld consoles is the fact that the side-mounted controls can be attached or detached as required. For those that prefer gaming on a bigger screen, you will be able to connect the console to your TV and play using the detached controllers.

Digital Foundry also states that Nintendo NX features an Nvidia's Tegra X1 processor. Although less powerfull than the PS4 and Xbox One, the NX is still a very good console as the Nvidia's Tegra X1 is capable of delivering 1080p gaming in its Nvidia Shield incarnation.

Although Digital Foundry suggests that games will be displayed at 720p, in terms of performance the Nintendo NX is better than the PS3 and Xbox 360, but falls behind the PS4 and Xbox One. Several reports suggest that Nintendo is not worried about this difference in performance, in fact, it is sacrificing power to ensure it can squeeze all of this technology into a handheld.

Eurogamer has also been told that the Nintendo NX will use game cartridges as its choice of physical media. Nintendo is currently recommending 32GB cartridges, something that can probably become an issue for multiplatform titles as it offers less space capacity than the 50GB Blu-ray discs on PS4 and Xbox One.

Considering all these changes in hardware design and internal technology, there are no plans for backwards compatibility on Nintendo NX.

In addition, although a price for the console has yet to be revealed, MCV claims that it will be cheaper than most are expecting. The site states that Nintendo learned from its mistakes with the Wii U and is determined to not let that happen again.

"Early online speculation about pricing for the NX expects it to be cheaper than current consoles, but from what we've heard it's going to be cheaper than even the vast majority expect," said MCV. "This is a machine that is targeting the mass market, and Nintendo certainly plans for it to have a mass market price. Price is one Wii U mistake Nintendo is determined not to repeat. This could be NX's single biggest win."

Nintendo has yet to comment on the Eurogamer report.

Source: Eurogamer

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