Watch Team Mexico Bring The Crowd To Its Feet In A New KoF XIV Trailer

By Shawn Collier on July 10, 2016, 6:03PM EDT

SNK's latest entry in the long-running The King of Fighters series releases in a little more than a month, but there's still more characters to reveal and feature. And this time around, it's Team Mexico.

This entry of the long-running The King of Fighters series includes 50 fighters, rendered in full 3D graphics that keeps the essence of the series's style but updates it using the new 3D aspect. The developers put a lot of effort into play testing and balancing, as well as streamlining the controls and overhauling mechanics such as Combo and Max Mode to make the game the most competitive in SNK's history. The developers also put a lot of effort into improving the netcode in this entry, utilizing the PS4's online architecture.

As far as the timeline goes, this game takes place several years following the previous KOF tournament. Now a worldwide business, the global KOF will decide who is the strongest as both individuals and companies with their own ambitions have come to compete. Players compete against CPU-controlled opponents to unlock the storyline.

The man with the tyrannosaur outfit is known as the King of Dinosaurs and not much is known about him except that he's ready to lead Team Mexico to fame and glory. He's a professional wrestler with a mysterious past, who's fighting in the tournament for a personal matter. Since the Dinosaur can't win the tournament alone, he's enlisted the help of the fiery Angel and mighty Ramon. Angel is a former assassin of NESTS who boasts superhuman strength that allows her to deal some devastating damage. With a vicious combination of Muay Thai strikes and astounding pro wrestling moves, it'll be tough to outshine her in the tournament. Well, unless you're the legendary luchador Ramon a.k.a. "The Mightiest Tiger." The confident Ramon wants to compete for the love of the "sport," and wants to assist the King of Dinosaurs in his personal quest by throwing down some of his signature moves in the ring.

When the game is released on August 23 for $59.99/CA$79.99 at retail and digitally, it will be released in a special pre-order/Day One edition while supplies last as a bonus for fans of the series. The game disc will come in a collectible SteelBook that's emblazoned with the series' fiery mainstay, Kyo Kusanagi. In addition, for the first week following launch the "Classic Kyo" DLC will be released free of charge for download via PlayStation Network. And if you're really looking to get your KoF on, you can pick up the special premium "Burn to Fight" edition which we've detailed prior here.

And for European fans, it's now announced that Deep Silver will be publishing the game over in that territory, complete with the same SteelBook pre-order/limited launch copy bonus edition the North American version is receiving.

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