Rumor: Inside Coming To PS4 Later This Month

By Mike Sousa on August 1, 2016, 3:51PM EDT

Inside, the second title developed by the studio behind Limbo, released on Xbox One and PC a few weeks ago. While the game was announced only for these platforms, it seems like PS4 players will also get a chance to play the game.

A list of trophies for Inside has popped up on exophase, which confirms that the game is indeed coming to PS4. It's not first time a game gets leaked because of trophy lists popping up online, with Dead Rising remaster and Marvel Ultimate Alliance being a few of recent examples. In addition, claims that a trusted source told the site that Inside will release on PS4 at the end of August.

Inside is a adventure puzzle platformer where we play as a young boy as he struggles to stop evil forces from taking over the world through weird experiments on human bodies. Similar to Limbo, Inside is all about avoiding deadly traps and enemies, and puzzle solving.

Playdead has yet to make any comment about Inside coming to PS4.

Source: VG247

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