Dragon Quest Builders Demo Now Available In North America And Europe

By Mike Sousa on September 27, 2016, 5:06PM EDT

A demo for Dragon Quest Builders is now available to download on PlayStation Store in North America and Europe, Square Enix has announced. The publisher also released a "Become a Legendary Builder" trailer that explores several gameplay elements, such as gathering, crafting and building.

The demo features the introductory chapter of the game, where players can explore a large open island, restore a town and battle hordes of monsters all while completing exciting quests.

Dragon Quest Builders steps away from the usual turn-based combat, offering a mix of RPG and sanbox style gameplay. The game features elements similar to what you would expect from games like Minecraft or Terraria, where you have to gather resources and build towns. The game isn't just about resource-gathering and construction, as players can still expect traditional RPG elements, such as sidequests, NPCs and battling monsters.

Dragon Quest Builders releases for PS4 and PS Vita on the 11th of October in North America and on the 14th of October in Europe.

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