Rise Of The Tomb Raider PS4 Gone Gold, New Gameplay And Screenshots Released

By Mike Sousa on September 26, 2016, 1:05PM EDT

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration has gone gold, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have revealed.

New screenshots and a gameplay trailer of the game running on PS4 Pro have also been released, with Sony taking this opportunity to reveal more details on 'Blood Ties' and Rise of the Tomb Raider's PlayStation VR experience.

"Chronologically positioned part-way through the main story and selectable as one of a handful of additional extras from the main menu, this side-quest sees Lara returning home to unravel a family mystery. Croft needs to explore her surroundings, piece together clues and uncover secrets to learn how to reclaim the dilapidated Croft Manor as her own," said Gillen McAllister, Sony's Content Producer, on PlayStation Blog.

"Blood Ties is a purely explorative piece of content, though you can revisit the location in a separate, action-heavy, supernatural zombie-plagued variant, Lara's Nightmare. And while Blood Ties is playable in standard third-person as well, it's best experienced in first-person with PlayStation VR. That said, it is worth testing the former before diving into the latter; if only to reinforce just how seismic a difference PlayStation VR makes.

"The aforementioned wine cellar is oppressive. We can almost smell the damp. By contrast the manor's central rooms feel cavernous, high ceilings barely seen in the gloom above. VR fools your other senses to believe in a sense of space far larger than the small demo room we have to remind ourselves we're standing in. It's a fairly warm day in September, but we feel a chill on our arms as a virtual draft blows past us.

"VR adds an extra dimension to interacting with objects. Picking up items and spinning them round to look for clues is a nice mini-puzzle in-game. In VR you physically turn the object "“ represented by the Dualshock 4 and its gyro sensors in the real world "“ to study it. It gives an important tactile interaction that further immerses you in this world. Cool inclusion? The controller also doubles as a freely moveable flashlight on entering darker areas.

"There are two control schemes for the VR experience: free mode and comfort mode. The first is akin to the standard Tomb Raider controls, but it's the second that we use today. Holding L2 and pointing the controller will allow you to place a virtual transparent Lara anywhere in your field of vision. A tap of R2 will teleport you to that point. Repeatedly press the shoulder buttons to make a 360° pan in small degree increments. It's quickly intuitive."

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration releases on PS4 on the 11th of October.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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