World Of Final Fantasy TGS 2016 Trailer Shows Off New Characters, Summons And More

By Mike Sousa on September 15, 2016, 4:39PM EDT

Square Enix has released the Tokyo Game Show 2016 trailer for World of Final Fantasy. The trailer shows off a few new familiar faces, such as Tifa and Rydia, lots of summons and reveals a bit more about the game's story.

In World of Final Fantasy, you take control of the twin siblings Lann and Reynn as they step into the vast world of Grymoire to learn the truth about their pasts. Here you will meet a multitude of familiar characters and monsters from the Final Fantasy franchise. The gameplay will be similar to older titles with turn-based battles but with a few additions and twists, such capturing and raising monsters such as cactuars, chocobos and behemoths, and having them fight at your side.

World of Final Fantasy will release on the 25th of October in North America and on the 28th of October in Europe.

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