World Of Final Fantasy Screenshots Showcases Characters, New Locations And Mirages

By Mike Sousa on October 3, 2016, 5:56PM EDT

Square Enix has released new screenshots of World of Final Fantasy, introducing us to recently revealed characters, new locations and more. Sidequests called Heart Quest sub stories have also been revealed.

These screenshots give us a better look at Rydia, Snow and Tifa, as well as new locations that Final Fantasy fans will surely recognize, such as Nibelheim and Midgar's Mako Reactor. A new character simply known as "The Girl Who Forgot Her Name" was also shown in these screenshots. In addition, we are also introduced to 10 new Mirages, including Titan, Carbuncle, Magitek Armor, Tiamat and Flan.

Square Enix also revealed Heart Quests, sub stories related to Final Fantasy legend characters. During Heart Quests, you'll witness the sub stories of Final Fantasy legend characters while helping them out. Stars represent their degree of difficulty, and clearing the quests may earn you rewards.

World of Final Fantasy will release on PS4 and PS Vita on the 25th of October in North America and on the 28th of October in Europe.

Source: Gematsu

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