Focus Home Interactive And White Wolf Announce Werewolf: The Apocalypse

By Mike Sousa on January 30, 2017, 9:59AM EDT

White Wolf, license owner of the famous World of Darkness universe, and Focus Home Interactive have announced Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The game is being developed by studio Cyanide (Styx: Master of Shadows, Blood Bowl, Call of Cthulhu) and will be released on PC and consoles.

"The World of Darkness is a gritty vision of our own time. The world's most devious conspiracies are true. The divide between the rich and the poor is huge and corruption is rife. In the shadows of our declining societies, humans fall victim to supernatural horrors, all struggling for control", said Focus Home Interactive in the press release.

Players will assume the role of a werewolf, known as Garou, immersed in the atmosphere of their shamanistic and tribal world. Garou are Werewolf warriors opposed to urban civilization and supernatural corruption, all heading towards inevitable apocalypse.

The World of Darkness has always attracted creatives with a strong passion for telling dark and immersive stories.

So to work closely with the great talent at Focus Home and Cyanide exploring the savage Werewolves of this universe is an absolutely fantastic experience for us at White Wolf and we are more than excited to see this great and highly relevant IP realized in a video game

Tobias Sjögren, CEO of White Wolf

More details on the game will be revealed later this week at the "What's Next de Focus" event in Paris.

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