Meditative Puzzle Game Semispheres Releases This February On PS4 And PC

By Mike Sousa on January 18, 2017, 12:42PM EDT

2D puzzle game Semispheres releases in February on PS4 and PC, developer Vivid Helix has announced.

In Semispheres, players take control of two avatars, using the analogue stick controls, through environments that might initially appear identical but reveal profound differences crucial to progression. These environments also feature portals, which allow the avatars to enter each other's reality, which creates more complex puzzles, with success reliant on methodical planning and skilful execution.

It's not all esoteric brain workouts, though. Tension is introduced through the sentries that guard these worlds, whose fields of vision you must evade in order to find safe passage and the eventual resynchronisation of the worlds.

Semispheres was initially conceived in August 2014 at the Ludum Dare 30 game jam, around the theme of connected worlds. The first prototype already contained the idea of overlapping realities, but constrained each character to their own world.

While that early version of the game was fun, it wasn’t until I introduced ideas like portals, side-swapping and teleports that opened up the possibility space, offering new depth and scope to the puzzles.

Radu Muresan, Designer

According to Vivid Helix, Semispheres is also getting released on other, unspecified, platforms later in the year.

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