Narborion Saga Coming To PC In March

By Mike Sousa on January 25, 2017, 2:31PM EDT

Liber Primus Games announced that its RPG fantasy adventure, Narborion Saga is coming to Steam for PC in late March. The game was previously released on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iTouch as well as Amazon Kindle and Android on Google Play in December 2014.

Narborian Saga aims to immerse players into the world of an elaborate RPG fantasy through three major quests set within the same narrative. Players will command the fate of the story's hero through dynamic non-linear storytelling and rogue-like dungeon exploration. The tale begins with a quest to find and rebuild the chapel of a long-forgotten Goddess and defeat the Master Vampire, Lord Malbor, agent of the God of Death and Magic. The second quest, The God of Orcs, players will need to delve deep into the forces of darkness to uncover a conspiracy of leadership with the mysterious new god of orcs. The third quest, The Swamp of a Thousand Paths tests players even further in an adventure to the Coastless Lake to destroy an ancient Wyrm in search of important artifacts.

The PC version of Narborion Saga features the same three main RPG quests and aims to double the amount of different weapons and armour available to players. Player Vs Player combat through duelling and the ability to learn spells will provide players with the opportunity to develop character abilities. Chapters will no longer appear one after the other, like in a traditional gamebook, but are broken into small episodes and placed as locations on the game map.

In addition to a new and improved visual look, the battle screen no longer looks like the empty tactical grid like it did before. Trees, bushes, columns, campfires now embellish the battlefield, these elements, however, can also block the line-of-sight of archers, so movement is more important than ever.

Further details of the PC version will be revealed in February.

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